the winning formula
our programming
high intensity interval training

H.I.I.T training is essential in every program to maximise fitness and weight loss.

  • heart rate up
    7 minutes
  • stretch and core warm up
    20 minutes
  • Tabata Circuit
    30 minutes

muscle up

Some traditional body building for massive gains.

  • heart rate up
    7 minutes
  • specific warm up
    13 minutes
  • Big Lifts
    40 minutes
compound movement

Perfect addition for firm and tone.

  • heart rate up
    7 minutes
  • stretch and core warm up
    15 minutes
  • Compound Circuit
    40 minutes

Looking for the best results?

tips for effective training and maximum results.

healthy mind

Get your head game strong! Commit to training and keep a positive mind set. Keep your focus on your goals and remember why you started.

healthy heart

Matters of the heart are powerful. Remember to love yourself and to get rid of any negative emotions holding you back!

clean diet

Sugar down water up! Diet is important to your vitality!
Get the eating right and feel more energised, focused and productive in and out of the gym!


Rest is the key! You need to rest at night. Leave the work at the office and clear your mind. Get to training and get enough sleep at night!