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We've been helping people grow from strength to strength since 2011.

Why gym with us?

Personal training in small groups :)

More affordable

The personal trainer costs are shared by the group, so you still get guidance and support you would get in a one-on-one without burning a hole in your pocket.

Small groups

Gymming in a group is way more fun and motivating. Plus, you still get indivudal attention, feedback, and help with your form from our personal trainers at CoreOne.

Monthly tracking

Ultrasound scans every month - 10x more accurate than a bathroom scale, you can actually see from the ultrasound scan how much fat you lose and muscle you gain.

Summer bodies are made in winter. Start your 90 day challenge now!

Get 36 sessions for R2,700 once-off or spread it over 3 months for R 999 per month.

    This deal won't stick around forever, so don't miss out!

    Fitness classes in johannesburg south

    What is your fitness goal?

    Boxing class at CoreOne gym mulbarton in Johannesburg South.

    Cardio Boxing Class

    This class is a calorie-burning sweat box! It's lekker for punching away stress. Join us and get fit with other positive peeps, have a jol, and maybe even show off some dance moves! Warning: up to 500 calories burned!

    • Tuesday: 6pm & 8am

    • Wednesday: 6am

    • Thursday: 5am, 8am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

    • Saturday: 9am

    Women at CoreOne gym mulbarton in Johannesburg South.

    Strength & Toning Class

    Got a complex from the fat under your arms or legs? Strength training is the best way to fix it. Stick to it three times a week with a good diet, and you'll get results. You'll feel more happier in your own skin.

    • Monday: 5am, 6am, 8am, 4pm, 5pm, & 6pm

    • Tuesday: 6am, 8am, 9am & 3pm

    • Wednesday: 8am, 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

    • Thursday: 6am, 9am & 3pm

    Man training at CoreOne gym mulbarton in Johannesburg South.

    Muscle Up Class

    Feeling a bit too skinny? We'll teach you how to safely build muscle and eat right so you can start seeing results. We're not gonna lie, it won't be a walk in the park, but it'll definitely be worth it!

    • Tuesday: 5am, 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

    • Wednesday: 5am

    • Thursday: 6pm

    Mom and daughter training at CoreOne gym mulbarton in Johannesburg South.

    Strong Kids Class

    The best of both worlds ;) We camouflage fitness in a series of fun challenges to help kids get stronger. We have multiple classes running at the same time, you can have peace of mind knowing they're safe while you're also trying to train and get fit.

    • Girls Monday & Wednesday: 3pm

    • Boys Tuesday & Thursday: 3pm

    People at CoreOne gym mulbarton in Johannesburg South.

    Full Body (HIIT) Class

    Struggling to squeeze in gym time? No worries! This Full Body HIIT class works literally every muscle in your body, so you can enjoy your going out on weekends with your family and friends guilt-free!

    • Friday: 5am, 6am & 8am

    • Saturday: 7am

    Goju kai Karate at CoreOne gym in Mulbarton

    Goju Kai Karate Class

    Our dojo is a safe space for kids to grow and find themselves. It's the best gift you can give your child, giving them skills they'll need for life like discipline and confidence.

    • Tuesday: 5pm

    • Thursday: 5pm

    • Saturday: 9am

    Book your FREE ultrasound assessment

    10X more accurate picture of your health and fitness than a scale.

    Our gym memberships

    Small group personal training rates and fees

    If you're a student or pensioner, you qualify for a further 20% off :)


    R 799 p/month

    • 2 classes per week

    • Nutritional guidance

    • Personal trainer

    • Monthly ultrasound body scans


    R 999 p/month

    • 3 classes per week

    • Nutritional guidance

    • Personal trainer

    • Monthly ultrasound body scans


    R1 249 p/month

    • 4 classes per week

    • Nutritional guidance

    • Personal trainer

    • Monthly ultrasound body scans

    Get to know your personal trainers from CoreOne Johannesburg South

    The peeps who will help you change your life, one rep at a time!

    Personal trainer and founder at CoreOne gym in Johannesburg South

    Stephen Montgomery

    Founder & Head Trainer

    Meet the main man at the gym, our founder Stephen! Fitness has been his thing since he was a kid, inspired by his army dad. He's your guy for core training and transforming fat into muscle. With 20 years of experience with South Africans just like you, Stephen's got fitness hacks not even AI knows about lol. He says, "Forget those one-size-fits-all programs, at CoreOne, everything is tailored to your body even in a small group class".

    Personal trainer atCoreOne gym in Johannesburg South

    Sthembiso Mkhatjwa

    Captaino & Trainer

    Meet our cardio boxing CAPTAINO, Sthembiso! Part-time semi-pro soccer player, but for us, he's like the Messi of the boxing ring! Sthembi will make sure you have a hell of a lot of fun! He'll make you sweat, laugh, and burn calories like never before. With Sthembi in your corner, you'll not only get fit, but you'll have a buddy for life!

    Sensei at CoreOne gym in Johannesburg South

    Cindy Dennil

    Sensei & Instructor

    Meet our SENSEI, Cindy! she recently made nationals! Cindy is fueled by karate, strength training, and lekker coffee, when she rocks her GI, you know it's game on! Cindy's not your average Sensei; she keeps things fun with different challenges so you never get bored. She's the Sensei you didn't know you needed.

    Personal trainer at CoreOne gym in Johannesburg South

    Callaghn Nel

    Personal Trainer

    Coming soon... watch this space :)

    Want to speak to a personal trainer or ask a question?

    There's no such thing as a silly question or an embarrassing concern. We're here to help you. Fill in the form below and we will see if we can help :)

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