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Goju Kai Karate

When you step into our dojo in your Gi, it's like you're gearing up for a powerful journey of personal growth. Whether you're an adult or a child, Goju Kai Karate reminds us in every class of the discipline, respect, self-control, and focus we need in life to achieve greatness.

Watch the video below to find out more about this beautiful art.

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Chase Haasbroek

Facilities are also very accomodating from the bathrooms to the change areas - so I can leave feeling fresh after a long intense workout. Power has never been a problem, with a short change over time when loadshedding hits, so its limited interruption and you back at hitting the HIIT or whatever fun schedule they have setup for the day.
I now mainly go to the Goju Kai Karate Dojo that is also hosted there. The Sensei's are awesome to get to know and the staff always actively encourage the kids that have joined the dojo which is awesome to be on the receiving end.

Natalie De Sao Pedro

Gojukai karate is a wonderful place for the kids to train. They have an awesome atmosphere and there is a great sense of discipline.

A lot of effort goes into making the training different all the time and the kids love it.

Best Goju in the world
Alonso, Raphael and Micaela


Zanele Mpanza

I have enjoyed every session at CoreOne. I really love the environment, the people are amazing, it’s a real community, oh and the workouts… BURN!! You really feel that you are working and you have fun while doing it, never bored. I believe that if I stick with them, I won’t keep doing the stop and start with my fitness. I will be consistent, so thank you guys.
CoreOne also offers the best karate for kids, my son has learned so much in just one year. I can see an improvement in his confidence and discipline levels.

A Word From 
Shihan Sue

What's it like training with you?

I would like to think it is usually fun. When I asked my students, their reply was: if you get her on a good day - FUN. If not then tough!!!’ I am very technical and specific about technique but also enjoy, and encourage, hard combat during partner work.

CoreOne Gym Mulbarton

+2771 743 4269

2 Jordie Road, Panorama Complex,

Mulbarton, Johannesburg South, 2059

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