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Member of CoreOne gym training  her arms during a strength and toning class
CoreOne Gym Mulbarton

Strength Training

Turn fat into muscle

Strength & Toning

When it comes to losing weight, the usual advice given to people is to change their diet, and run on the treadmill for 20 minutes. For some people, it might even mean resorting to off the market diet pills. While you might see some changes in your weight, it’s not sustainable for the long term, and it’s not the only way to lose weight. There is a better way to lose weight with strength and toning, and we specialize in it here at CoreOne Gym Mulbarton.


It's a common misconception that strength training is only for men. Let's end that chat once and for all, ladies; you can do it too! And guess what? Instead of bulking up and adding fat on top of your muscles, you'll actually lose weight and tone your arms, legs, bum and tummy. There's a science behind it that keeps your body in fat-burning mode long after you finish your gym session. No bulky muscles, just results!

Class Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

5am, 6am, 8am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

Equipment members can use at CoreOne gym mulbarton

Hear From Our Members

Will you be next?


Akta Galal

CoreOne what can I say…I’ve never believed that I was made for weight training or that I will ever enjoy going to the gym. Great training and awesome gym buddies have changed my belief, and as a bonus I feel more confident in my own skin. I’ve been with Stephen and the 8am crew for some time now and I am glad that I found my gym bliss at CoreOne ❤️

Member from CoreOne gym

Jasmine Aube

CoreOne is an absolute gem that I am so delighted to be apart of. The intimate classes create a welcoming environment that's perfect for focused, personalized workouts. The instructors are truly wonderful, providing expert guidance and motivation. The clean and well-maintained facilities make every visit a pleasant experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, CoreOne is a fantastic choice.

Nimisha Rama

I have been going to CoreOne for years. It has been the most effective way to keep healthy and fit. The classes offer a range of exercises. What I love is that every person completes the routine according to their capabilities, regardless of your age, weight or strength. The classes have really helped me to tone, keep my energy levels up and very importantly to increase core strength.

Membership & Fees

We’d love to meet you, show you around our gym, and talk to you about your health and fitness goals. If you're ready, jump straight into your first strength and toning class for free and give it a try before you commit.

A Word From 
Your Trainer

Stephen Montgomery

I love my gym and I am so happy to be here. Humour and fist pumps set the tone of the atmosphere. My goal is to teach you ‘how’ the core and body work and ‘why’ we train you like we do, which is different to merely running a program. You will leave each session feeling powerful and satisfied.

Certified personal trainer Stephen Montgomery at CoreOne gym mulbarton

CoreOne Gym Mulbarton

+2771 743 4269

2 Jordie Road, Panorama Complex,

Mulbarton, Johannesburg South, 2059

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