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Equipment at CoreOne gym mulbarton for kids to use
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Fitness for Kids

Helping kids become super confident, strong and healthy for life

Strong Kidz

Kids nowadays are less active than they should be for a variety of reasons. Take their schoolwork, for instance. I mean, sure, you had homework when you were younger, but do you remember getting home and sitting until after supper doing homework? The academic pressure they face has really increased and continues to increase as the years go by.


So what happens when they do manage to get an extra hour or two a day to dedicate to themselves and “being a kid”? They can't play in the koppies or ride their bicycles around the neighborhood, for example, like we used to, so the first and easiest solution that comes to us is to let them occupy themselves with screens. Now we’re not saying they can’t watch their favorite TV series or movie, or even play games online. According to research, children should engage in at least one hour of physical activity each day and spend time with other kids. This boosts their confidence and lowers depression and obesity.


With only two hours a week dedicated to our 'Strong Kidz’ classes at CoreOne Mulbarton, your kids are able to socialize and build friendships. They’re able to be physically active and have loads of fun while their minds and bodies reap the benefits.


They aren’t judged for how they can throw a punch on the boxing bags or how many sit-ups they can do; instead, they’re praised for what they can achieve and encouraged by our personal trainers to keep going so that they can beat their own records each week. Their sleeping patterns improve too, because they’ve burned off their excess energy and are able to destress and unwind.

At CoreOne Mulbarton, we’ve got something really cool: it’s called "captain of the week", where the kids are able to work towards getting this title based on their behavior, attitude, dedication, and having good team spirit. Sometimes kids feel pressured to play sports at school because they’re afraid of not being the best bowler or batsman or not swimming the fastest. We have a safe environment that encourages healthy competition, good sportsmanship, and being an overall good person.

Class Schedule


Monday + Wednesday 3pm


Tuesday + Thursday 3pm

Equipment at CoreOne gym mulbarton for members to use

Hear From Our Members

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Fran Diesel

My son has recently joined the Kids boxing class at CoreOne. He is loving the classes. He suffers with significant ADHD and the coaches handle him so well. They are incredibly kind and patient but still firm. The class is so jam packed with activity that my son is drenched with sweat afterwards and yet he still has a huge smile on his face. I would recommend this class for all kids.

Lynette Jacobs

My son Liam's journey started at CoreOne in 2021. The journey is still going strong. Stephen and Mike made such a big impact in his life they are family and just not a trainer. They guide, listen, motivate, and have so much compassion towards my son. I am truely blessed that Liam crossed paths with them.

Michelle Richardson

Stephen not only is a superb trainer. He is a great mentor to teenagers and young adults. I've had positive reinforcement for my son which is something you can only get from a true empath attained through exercise and positive uplifting. Where exercise helps one mentally and physically. Confidence, healthy mind and body. Total well-being.

CoreOne Gym Mulbarton

+2771 743 4269

2 Jordie Road, Panorama Complex,

Mulbarton, Johannesburg South, 2059

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